Unshackle Your Expectations

Fictional means freedom

Historically-based leagues can often leave participants with a feeling of "that shouldn't be" but fictional leagues have no ties to real players and therefore no possibility of "that wouldn't happen" syndrome. All Legendsport Leagues, starting with Figment Baseball, are fictional but meant to "seem" historical.

A Curated Experience

The commissioner has no team and no bias and can concentrate on keeping things fun and fair for everyone.

Fake Players

No Babe Ruth? No problem - let's find our own.

Real World Basis

The players and teams are fake, but the world around them is based on reality to lend a foundation of familiarity.

Play Your Role

The goal of the Legendsport Leagues is to provide something close to a sports role-playing experience. You can be the GM and manager of your own team and be unbound from your real-world loyalties. Sometimes you can't have your favorite team in a historical or real-world league and take some other team where you might not be as invested. Here you can build your team and your loyalties at the same time!

Let's Make Some History

With a blank canvas, the stories are yet to be written!

Scout Players

Make Trades

Find Stars

Deal with Injuries

Build A Staff

Manage A Budget

Win Championships

Have Fun!